Education and Freedom

 The purpose of Education and Freedom is to address issues and alternatives related to the failure of American Education to meet the needs of students who most require the support of our greater society in order to not merely survive but to thrive in today’s world. 

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Growing Up Boomer

It wasn't as easy as you think! Thoughts and reminiscences from one member of the generation that went from words like "Love" and "Freedom" in the 60s to today's "What the fuck did we do?"

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Why Things Have Come to Be This Way


What follows is the message of Ishmael, a highly intelligent mountain gorilla, as re-told by Daniel Quinn in his 1995 novel Ishmael. I offer the following solely as a gift for my friends, an accounting that fully explains why our civilization finds itself in its current existential quandary. What follows has been transcribed from the novel, but has been modified to reflect a different grammatical point of view from the one Quinn uses in the novel. That said, everything that follows is from the mind and “pen” of Daniel Quinn—I have added nothing that reflects my personal views; rather, what follows has dramatically influenced my understanding of how my culture lives. I believe everyone should think deeply about what follows precisely because Mother Culture does not want us to think about a story that explains exactly why things have come to be this way. I encourage anyone who has arrived at this point in my website to consider purchasing and reading Quinn's novel, a link to which is provided above.